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Nausea or vomiting Foul-smelling vaginal discharge. In addition to these points, women may need to discuss with you issues related to resuming sexual relations.

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Which statement caused the most disagreement? Activity 3 fallen angel escorts To develop a list of sources of support for women who have experienced an induced or spontaneous abortion. As you practise these skills when counselling women you will hopefully find that they become easier to carry out. Building a relationship is especially important after the trauma of an abortion.

You may find openminfed useful to set some ground rules for the discussion such as: do not interrupt one another, do not personalize information, and do not raise your voice.

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Our View This list of sources of support will be a useful tool for your staff in communication and counselling. Our View You were probably very aware of being observed and it may have been difficult to concentrate on active listening, showing empathy and being aware of your own feelings, attitudes, values and beliefs. Can you think of examples of this where you work?

How to provide information and support after an abortion Women undergoing an abortion should receive clear, simple oral and written information about how to care for themselves after leaving the health facility and how to recognise danger s that require attention.

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What were the good things the counsellor did that helped her to feel supported? All rights reserved. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the abortion or miscarriage, she may or may not wish to involve others such as her partner or family members. This activity will build on the active listening activity in Session 3. Ability to overcome beliefs, values and attitudes Sometimes health workers do not want to provide services if they believe that the person has carried out an action with which they disagree.

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Could you tell what the counsellor's attitudes, values and beliefs were? Within any community it is unlikely that everyone will hold exactly the same attitudes, values and beliefs because they are shaped by many factors related to individual experiences.

Learn to recognize s of stress in yourself and develop practical ways to relieve it. You can help the woman identify someone she would like to talk to who could listen and help to share her feelings and emotions. Find out from the woman if she is interested in getting additional support and from whom she prefers that support. The counsellor should try to provide support around this issue, starting with acknowledging to the woman that this is a well-known effect after an abortion.

The list could be used as an aid to discussion and to facilitate counselling as well as providing important information to women. You have practised your active listening skills and how to show empathy and respect.

Only looking for non judgemental openminded wemen

The person playing the woman should take five minutes to make up a role-play focused on the following example: A woman comes to a health facility with sepsis following an induced abortion in the community which has gone wrong. You and others in the health centre should be aware of these jidgemental and have the information available for those women who married chat lines it.

Only looking for non judgemental openminded wemen

You have examined how to provide care and counselling in a non-judgemental way. If you are to play the counsellor try to show active listening through the use of body language, gestures, sounds and repeating back what has been said to you.

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Discuss the following statements. Judgementap were things that could have been improved? Women may experience a range tranny escort swindon different emotions after an fog. You also made a list of additional support available for women following an abortion. Be aware that if you have very strong attitudes and beliefs about abortion, you might communicate them indirectly through your body language, tone or the courtesy and respect you show or even more directly to the woman by telling her how you feel.

Only looking for non judgemental openminded wemen

This may continue even after she has physically onlyy. Take time to clarify with your colleagues your different beliefs, attitudes and values to abortion and how these might affect your counselling Activity 2 40 minutes To help you improve your ability to show empathy and respect, manage your own attitudes, beliefs and values, and practise your active listening skills.

Exactly how much appearance matters, according to our national judgment survey

They might include activities such as talking through wwemen with a colleague, friend or your mentor remembering to maintain confidentiality. Switch roles so that everyone has the chance to play each of the different roles. Write these things down in your notebook.

Only looking for non judgemental openminded wemen

We all have values and beliefs and it is important not to impose these on others. You also need to be aware of your own values, attitudes and beliefs and how these may affect your counselling and interactions with her. Use your notebook to reflect on your skills following counselling sessions, until you feel more opneminded that you are able to put into practice these different skills.

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The counsellor and woman should carry out the role-play with the observer watching. Think about your own responses - do you feel you have any negative attitudes towards women who have had an abortion?

Only looking for non judgemental openminded wemen

How did people feel if their beliefs, values or attitudes were different from the majority of the group? The health worker can provide needed support to them during this difficult time.

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